How to Modify Gallery Images in iBooks Author - dummies

How to Modify Gallery Images in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

iBooks Author lets you adjust several aspects of the images in your gallery object: their order in the gallery, their size and position within the gallery’s image frame, and the shape of the image frame’s corners. You can also remove images from a gallery.

To select a specific image in the gallery, you can click its name in the Widget inspector’s Interaction pane. Or you can click the right-arrow icon (to go forward) or the left-arrow icon (to go backward) in the gallery object itself; these icons appear below the current image in the gallery. When you reach the image you want to adjust, stop clicking the arrow icon.

Reordering images

You can change the order of images in the gallery by dragging an image’s Reorder handle (the stack of three horizontal bars) up or down through the list in the Widget inspector’s Interaction pane.

By default, an image gallery on the iPad displays whatever image currently appears in the iBooks Author document — the e-book doesn’t default to the first image in the gallery, it defaults to the last one you had active in iBooks Author. So, before publishing the e-book, be sure each image gallery displays the first image you want the reader to see.

Resizing and repositioning images

When you click an image in the gallery object, the Edit Mask panel appears near it. Use the slider to enlarge or shrink the image within its frame, and thus crop it.


You can reposition an image within its frame as well. After clicking the image (to make the Edit Mask panel appear), click within the image and drag it to the desired position within its frame. Be sure you’ve selected the image and not the object; otherwise, you’ll move the object itself, not the image within it.

You can’t resize an image in a gallery beyond what the Edit Mask tool allows, so to fit an image larger than the current frame, you must resize the gallery object or use a program such as Adobe Photoshop to resize the image outside of iBooks Author. Then, add that resized version to your gallery.

You also can create curved corners around an image by selecting it and dragging the blue circle that appears near its upper-left corner sideways.

Deleting images

To delete an image, follow these steps:

  1. Select the image in the Gallery Media list in the Widget inspector’s Interactive pane.

    Or navigate to the desired image in the gallery object itself by using the left-arrow and right-arrow icon buttons.

  2. Press Delete.

    You can also click the minus sign icon button in the Interactive pane, press Command+X, choose Format→Gallery→Remove Image, choose Edit→Cut, or choose Edit→Delete.

    The image is deleted.