How to Launch Slideshows on the iPad mini - dummies

How to Launch Slideshows on the iPad mini

You can easily save photosgraphs and run slideshows of those images on the iPad mini, and through AirPlay, stream the slideshow wirelessly to an Apple TV, or lacking that device, via an optional cable that connects to a TV, projector, or even — you still got one of these? — a VCR. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose Camera Roll or another album in the albums list.

    To do so, tap the Photos icon from the Home screen or tap the camera roll button in the Camera app.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • In the Photos app: Tap a picture in an album, and then tap the Action icon in the bottom left.


      At the top of the screen, the image you selected as the basis of your slideshow has a check mark.


      Scroll to the left or right to view other pictures in the album and tap any or all of those adjacent images to select them for the slideshow as well. Check marks appear as you do so. Tap any picture a second time to deselect it and remove the check mark.

    • In the Camera app: Tap the image in the lower-right corner of the screen to display the most recent image in Camera Roll, and find a picture to include in your slideshow. From there, follow the preceding steps to tap and choose other images for the slideshow.

  3. Tap Slideshow.

    You are taken to the Slideshow Options screen.


  4. Choose transition effects and the music (if any) that you’d like to accompany the slideshow.

    • Transitions: You can change the effect you see when you move from one slide to the next. Your five choices: Cube, Dissolve, Ripple, Wipe, or a personal favorite of ours, Origami, in which the images fold out in ways similar to the Japanese folk art of paper folding. Why not try them all to see what you like?

    • Music: Adding music to a slideshow couldn’t be easier. From the Slideshow Options window, tap the Play Music option so that it’s turned on. Then tap Music in the Slideshow Options overlay to choose your soundtrack from the playlists, artists, songs, or music albums on the device.

    Tap anywhere on the screen while a slideshow is playing to exit the slideshow.

  5. Choose where you get to see the slideshow.

    You can see the slideshow on your iPad itself or have it beamed wirelessly to an Apple TV, should you own Apple’s $99 set-top box.

  6. Tap Start Slideshow.

    The slideshow ends automatically, unless you’ve set it to repeat. Tap the screen to end it prematurely.

Your only obligation is to enjoy the show.

If you don’t want to cherry-pick photos for a slideshow but instead want to include every picture in a given album, tap on an album in Albums view so that the word Slideshow appears at the upper right reaches of the screen. Tap Slideshow. You are taken to the Slideshow Options screen (see Step 3). From there, pick your transitions and/or music and tap Start Slideshow.

You can alter the length of time each slide is shown, change the transition effects between pictures, and display images in random order.

From the Home screen, tap Settings and then scroll down and tap Photos & Camera. Then tap any of the following to make changes:

  • Play Each Slide For: You have five choices (2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds). When you’re finished, tap the Photos & Camera button to return to the main Settings screen for Photos.

  • Repeat: If this option is turned on, the slideshow continues to loop until you stop it. If it’s turned off, the slideshow for Camera Roll or your album plays just once.

  • Shuffle: Turning on this switch plays slides in random order.

Press the Home button to leave the settings and return to the Home screen.