How to Group and Lock Objects in iBooks Author - dummies

How to Group and Lock Objects in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

Often, when you have multiple related objects in an iBooks Author text, you want to group them together so that you can move them as one object and prevent an individual element from being accidentally moved or resized. Grouping objects also lets you apply various commands and formatting to all the objects at the same time.

To create a group, select the objects you want in it, and then choose Arrange→Group or press Option+Command+G. To ungroup an object group, select the group, and then choose Arrange→Ungroup or press Option+Shift+Command+G.

Selecting multiple objects is the same in iBooks Author as in any Mac program. Click and drag to create a marquee rectangle around the objects you want to select, and then release the pointer. All objects within the marquee are selected; to select just specific objects instead, click the first object and Shift-click each additional object you want to select.

Also as in any Mac program, to remove an object from a group, you must ungroup the objects, and then select just those objects you want in the group.

You may also want to lock objects so that you can’t accidentally alter them. To do so, select an object and choose Arrange→Lock or press Command+L. iBooks Author disables all sizing, positioning, and formatting actions on locked objects. To unlock an object, select it and choose Arrange→Unlock or press Option+Command+L.