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How to Get Suggestions on Your iPad with iOS 9

By Nancy C. Muir

You’ve read about it. You’re so intrigued that you’ve decided to get your own iPad to have fun, explore the online world, read e-books, organize your photos, play games, and more.

You’ve made a good decision because the iPad redefines the computing experience in an exciting new way. It’s also an absolutely perfect fit for many seniors.

Your iPad is an intelligent piece of equipment. There are so many things you can do! In fact, there may be times you even suspect it has begun to read your mind; especially when it makes suggestions for you.

With iOS 9, your iPad anticipates your needs by making suggestions when you swipe from left to right on the initial Home screen. You’ll see a list of contacts you’ve communicated with recently, apps you’ve used, and nearby businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, or coffee spots. If you tap on an app in the suggestions, it will open displaying the last viewed or listened to item.


In addition, you’ll see news stories that may be of interest to you based on items you’ve viewed before. As much as you may wish (or not) that your iPad can read your mind, it really can’t. Not yet anyway.