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How to Get Directions on Your iPad

You can use the Maps app and Siri to find your current location, get directions, find nearby businesses (such as restaurants or banks), or get a map of another location.

Be sure to turn on Location Services to allow Siri to know your current location (tap Settings→Privacy→Location Services, and make sure the Location Services switch is set to on and that Siri is turned on farther down in that same pane.

Here are some of the commands you can try to get directions or a list of nearby businesses:

  • “Where am I?”

    Siri displays a map of your current location. If you have a Wi-Fi–only iPad, this location may be approximate.

  • “Where is Apache Junction, Arizona?”

    Siri displays a map of that city.

  • “Find restaurants.”

    Siri displays a list of restaurants near your current location; tap one to display a map of its location.


  • “Find Bank of America.”

    Siri displays a map indicating the location of that business (or, in some cases, several nearby locations, such as a bank branch and all ATMs).

  • Get directions to the Empire State Building.

    Loads a map with a route drawn and provides a narration of directions to the site from your current location.

After a location is displayed in a map, tap the Information button on the location’s label to view its address, phone number, and website address, if available.