How to Get Directions and Information with the Maps App for iPad - dummies

How to Get Directions and Information with the Maps App for iPad

The Maps application can provide all kinds of information on your iPad, from directions from one location to another to the street address and phone number for a particular business or landmark or the compass direction you’re headed in.

Getting directions

You can get directions by using pins that you drop on a map for the starting and ending locations, or by entering an address or name of a place, such as an airport or shopping mall. The directions are shown as a blue line leading from one place to another. You can even choose to get directions by car, bus, or foot. Directions also give you an idea of the miles and hours it will take you to get to your destination.

Here are the steps to get directions in Maps:

  1. With at least one pin on your map in addition to your current location, tap the Directions tab.


  2. To show directions from your current location to another pin, tap the other pin and the route is redrawn.

    You can also enter two locations to get directions from one to the other.

  3. With the Directions tab selected in Maps, tap in the field labeled Current Location.


  4. Enter a different starting location.

  5. Tap in the Destination field, enter a destination location, and then tap Search.

    You can also tap the Information icon on the information bar that appears above any selected pin and use the Directions to Here or Directions from Here button to generate directions.


  6. With a route displayed, a blue bar appears along the bottom of the Maps screen with information about the distance and time it takes to travel between the two locations.

    Here’s what you can do with this informational display:

    • Tap the car, bus, or pedestrian logo to get driving, public transportation, or walking directions.


    • Tap Start to change the tools offered: The icon on the left showing several lines of text as if in a small document takes you to step-by-step directions. The arrow keys take you through the directions one step at a time.


Getting information about a location

Using the Information button for any location, you can get the street address, phone number, and even website URL for some businesses or landmarks.

To get to the Information dialog, go to a location and tap the pin. In the information bar that appears above the pinned location, tap the Information icon.


At this point in the information dialog, you can tap the web address listed in the Home Page field to be taken to the location’s web page, if it has one associated with it.


You can also press and hold the Phone or Address fields and use the Copy button to copy the phone number, for example, so you can place it in a Notes document for future reference. When you’ve got all the information you need, tap anywhere outside the information dialog to close it.