How to Format Shapes in an iWork Document on Your iPad - dummies

How to Format Shapes in an iWork Document on Your iPad

You can add all sorts of shapes to your iWork document on your iPad, and then you can layer them, rotate them, and, in the Pages app, wrap text around them or have them flow with the text.

Layering shapes

Although the iPad is a two-dimensional surface, you can create a sense of depth by moving objects forward and backward. If you want to adjust layering, select the object you want to move forward or back, tap the Info button, and then choose Arrange. A slider lets you move the objects forward or back.


Rotating shapes

Rotating objects on iPad is actually easier than doing so using a mouse on a desktop computer. Just select the shape and then, with two fingers, rotate it with a twisting motion. Give it a try and you’ll see how easy it is.


Wrapping shapes (Pages only)

In Pages, the text in the document can automatically move aside for a shape. (This is called wrapping.) You set the wrapping for the embedded object rather than for the document itself. Even though people talk about wrapping the text around the object, the settings are set for the object.

Here’s how you wrap text around an object (a text box, a chart, a table, or media).

  1. Select the object you want to wrap text around and tap Info.

  2. Select Arrange.


  3. Tap Wrap to open the Wrap settings.


  4. Select a wrap setting.

    • Automatic: Let’s Pages decide how to wrap the text.

    • Around: Wraps text on all four sides of the object within the page margins.

    • Above and below: The text stops above the object and continues below it; none of teh text appears on the left or right sides of the object.

  5. Swipe the Move with Text switch on or off.

    When it’s turned on, the embedded shape moves with the text into which you inserted it. If you add or delete text before the text into which the shape is inserted, that text flows up or down in the document automatically. When Move with Text is turned on, the shape moves, too.

    When Move with Text is turned off, the shape is anchored to the page and not to the text.

  6. Drag the Extra Space slider to give your object room.

    This slider lets you control how much space is placed between the object and the text around it.