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How to Find Files after an iPad Restore

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

If you performed a restore or and had your iPad replaced or repaired, you have one more task to accomplish. Your iPad may work flawlessly at this point, but some or all of your stuff — your music, movies, contacts, iMessages, or whatever — is missing. You’re not sunk, at least not yet. You still have a couple of tricks up your sleeve.

  • Trick 1: Sync your iPad with iTunes and then sync it again. That’s right — sync and sync again. Why? Because sometimes stuff doesn’t get synced properly on the first try. Just do it.

  • Trick 2: Restore from backup. Right-click your iPad in iTunes sidebar and choose Restore from Backup. The Restore from Backup dialog appears and offers you a choice of backups. Select the one you want, click the Restore button, and let the iPad work some magic.


If you have more than one backup for a device, as in the figure, try the most recent (undated) one first. If it doesn’t work or you’re still missing files, try restoring from any other backups before you throw in the towel.

These backups include photos in Camera Roll or in Saved Photos, text messages, notes, contact favorites, sound settings, and more, but not media such as music, videos, or photos. If media is what’s missing, try performing Trick 1 again.

If you aren’t holding an iPad that works flawlessly and has most (if not all) of your stuff, it’s time to make an appointment with a Genius at your local Apple Store, call the support hotline (800-275-2273), or visit the support web page.