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How to Find and Mark Glossary Terms in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

Once you create a glossary for your e-book using iBooks Author, you need to be able to search the glossary to find a term. You must also mark the terms so your readers know that definitions exist in a glossary. To find a term in the glossary when the list gets really long, enter the term in the Search bar at the top of the Glossary list and then press Return.

Finding glossary terms

You may want to find the current term in the e-book itself, such as to understand the context used for the term so that you can better define it in the glossary. In the Index section of the Related Glossary Terms section (below the glossary term’s definition), you have two methods available:

  • Click the Find Term button. iBooks Author jumps to the page that contains the primary glossary link to that term. It also opens the Find & Replace panel with the glossary term placed in the Find field so that you can use that panel to find other occurrences of the term in the book, if desired.

  • Below the Find Term button for a glossary entry, a list of all occurrences (the primary glossary link and the index links) of the term in the e-book also appear. Click a reference to jump to that occurrence in the book.

Marking glossary terms

In the Glossary list, the Status column contains blue circular icons. Each of those icons is a pop-up menu that displays two additional circular icons (one green, one yellow). The colors have no intrinsic meaning, and they have no effect on what the reader sees on the iPad. They’re meant for your convenience, as a way to mark terms in whatever way is meaningful to you.

For example, you might use color coding to indicate the status of glossary definitions, such as blue for undone, yellow for entered, and green for proofread. Or you might use the colors to indicate up to three categories of terms.

After you add a term to the glossary in the e-book, you can’t remove that primary glossary link later on — for example, you can’t move the link to a different occurrence of the term. So be sure you add the primary glossary link by using the occurrence of the term that you want to highlight in boldface to indicate a glossary entry.

Add terms to the glossary after you finish editing the e-book so that you don’t miss a term for use as a primary glossary link nor its later occurrences for use as index terms.