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How to Find a Missing iPad

You can take advantage of the Find My iPad feature to pinpoint the location of your iPad. This feature is extremely handy if you forget where you left your iPad or someone walks away with it. Find My iPad not only lets you track down the critter, but also lets you wipe out the data contained in it if you have no way to get the iPad back.

If you’re using Family Sharing, someone in your family can find your device and play a sound. This works even if the ringer on the iPhone is turned off.

Follow these steps to set up the Find My iPad feature:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

  2. In the Settings app, tap iCloud.

  3. In the iCloud settings that appear, tap Find My iPad.

  4. Tap the On/Off switch in the Find My iPad pane that appears if the feature isn’t already turned on.

    Tap the Send Last Location On/Off switch so that iPad sends your iPad’s location to Apple if your battery is almost out of juice, if you like. From now on, if your iPad is lost or stolen, you can locate it on your computer or from another iOS device using the free Find My iPad app from the App Store.


  5. To use Find My iPad, go to the Cloud on your computer’s browser and then enter your ID and password. The Find My iPad screen appears.

  6. Click the Find My iPad button to display a map of its location and some helpful tools.


  7. Click on the circle representing your iPad, and then click the Information button (the i icon).

    In the toolbar that appears, to erase all information from the iPad in a process called wiping, click the Erase iPad button. Remember that this process will erase all content — contacts, music, notes, and so on — for good.

  8. To lock the iPad against access by others, click the Lost Mode button.

    You can also click Play Sound to help you find your iPad if you’ve left it nearby. If you choose this option, the sound plays for two minutes, helping you track down anybody who’s holding your iPad within earshot.