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How to Edit Multiple-Choice Answers in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

iBooks author doesn’t limit you to just simple multiple-choice questions in your chapter reviews. You can present the multiple-choice questions in any of several sophisticated ways, which you determine independently for each question. For example, you can show a grid of images and have readers choose the correct one, or show an image and have readers move its labels to the correct positions on the image.


After you’ve added the review questions, you need to add the answers that readers can choose from. Here’s how:

  1. Select the review object.

  2. In the Widget inspector’s Interactive pane, select the question whose answers you want to edit.

    • For a question with text answers, double-click the text in the review object, and then type in or paste in the desired answer.

    • For graphical multiple-choice questions, drag from the Finder or paste into each image’s frame the desired image for that answer.

  3. Repeat the appropriate Step 2 for each answer.

  4. Click the correct answer’s selection bubble in the review object.

    A green check mark appears on its selection bubble. To select more than one correct answer, Shift-click the other correct answers.

For identification-label questions, you don’t indicate the correct answer because the reader doesn’t choose from a set of questions, but instead has to drag the correct label to the correct portion of the image. That nature of identification-label questions also explains why you can’t have multiple correct answers; each label corresponds to one and only one part of the image.

To reorder the questions, select one in the Questions list, and then drag it to a new location in the list. You can’t reorder answers the way you reorder questions. Instead, you must edit the answers to have them appear in the desired order.

To delete an unwanted question, select it in the Interaction pane and click the minus sign icon button or choose Format→Review→Remove Question.