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How to Edit Hyperlinks in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

There are many reasons to add hyperlinks to your e-book. You might want to link to something outside your book or you might want to create cross-references to content inside your e-book. In iBooks Author, you can edit and format the origin text (the tappable hyperlink that the reader sees in the e-book) just like you can any other text in the e-book.

To select hyperlinked text, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the text cursor somewhere other than the hyperlinked text.

  2. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor immediately next to the hyperlinked text.

  3. Hold Shift and press the appropriate arrow keys to select the rest of the hyperlinked text.

  4. Release the Shift key when done.

You select hyperlinked text as described in the preceding steps because clicking within the hyperlinked text makes iBooks Author execute the hyperlink, opening a web page, opening your e-mail program, or having your page change.

To change a hyperlink, select the origin text and adjust the options in the Hyperlink pane. You can, for example, change the hyperlink type (such as from Web Page to Figure) or the destination (the URL, e-mail address, bookmark, or figure).

You may have added hyperlinks or bookmarks at an earlier time that you no longer want to have in the document. And you may want to retain the hyperlinks but make them temporarily inactive so that you don’t accidentally click them in iBooks Author to jump elsewhere in the book or open a web page or e-mail. iBooks Author has a way to handle each of these scenarios:

  • Disable hyperlinks. If you’re doing substantial work in the e-book document in iBooks Author, you can disable all hyperlinks to prevent such unwanted hyperlink launches. Just select the Make All Hyperlinks Inactive check box in the Hyperlink inspector’s Hyperlink pane. When you deselect the option, the hyperlinks all work again.

  • Remove a hyperlink from text. Select that text, go to the Hyperlink pane and deselect Enable as Hyperlink. After you remove the hyperlink, selecting Enable as Hyperlink again does not restore the original hyperlink; instead, you have to enter the hyperlink again.

    The automatic hyperlink formatting applied by iBooks Author isn’t removed when you disable a hyperlink, so you need to undo that formatting yourself. To do so, select the text and apply the None character style.

  • Remove a bookmark. This process removes a bookmark that you created, not a figure bookmark. Go to the Hyperlink inspector’s Bookmark pane, select the bookmark that you want to remove, and click the minus sign icon button. The hyperlink to that bookmark is also removed, but not its text formatting.