How to Create a New Table in iPad Numbers App - dummies

How to Create a New Table in iPad Numbers App

Tables contain the data for your spreadsheets and charts in Numbers for iPad. Tables can be relatively small and focused. Follow these basic steps to create a new table:

  1. Go to the sheet you want the table to be on.

    It can be an existing sheet from a template or a new sheet you create just for the table. Remember that tables can be cut and pasted, so you have a second (and third and fourth…) chance to determine the sheet for your table.

  2. Tap the Insert button (the one with the +) in the toolbar at the top of the window.

    The Insert popover opens.

  3. Tap the Tables tab.

  4. Swipe from one page to another to find the table layout you like.

    Though you can change any element in the table layout, start with one close to what you want.

    There are six pages of templates — each of the six pages has the same layouts but with different color schemes. This list describes them from the upper-left corner, as shown in the figure:

    • Header row and a header column at the left: This is one of the most common table layouts.

    • Header row at the top: This one works well for a list such as students in a class.

    • No header row or header column: Before choosing this blank spreadsheet, reconsider. Headers and titles for the tables make your spreadsheet more usable. You can add (or delete) them later and change them, but take a few moments to identify the table along with its rows and columns as soon as you create it.

    • Header and footer rows and a label column: This one works well for titles at the top and left and for sums or other calculations at the bottom.

    • Check boxes in the left column: This option makes a great list of things to do.


  5. Tap the table layout you like.

    It’s placed on the sheet you have open.