How to Copy a File Into an iWork for iPad App - dummies

How to Copy a File Into an iWork for iPad App

If you have a file on your Mac or Windows PC or on a WebDAV server, you can copy it to your iPad into an iWork app to work on it there. Of course, the document needs to be saved as one of these compatible file types:

  • Numbers:, ,

  • Keynote:, ,

  • Pages:, ,

These are the primary document types. You can import other files such as JPEG image files by adding them to your iPhoto library, music files in formats such as in iTunes, and so forth.

Here’s how to import a file from your Mac or server to your iPad:

  1. From your Documents (Spreadsheets or Presentations) screen, tap the plus sign (+) at the left end of the toolbar. Click the Copy from WebDAV option (see the figure).


  2. Log in to your WebDAV server with your username and password.

    You don’t have to log in to iTunes because your account ID is stored and your iPad is paired with only one computer.

  3. Select the file you want.

    You can navigate folders. Files that are dimmed out aren’t compatible with the app you’re running. The file will be copied into your documents (Presentations, Spreadsheets, or Documents).

    You’re warned if any errors occur.

  4. Correct any errors and then get to work.

    The most common errors are caused by opening a document created in another application or an earlier version of an app; these errors can include missing fonts, resizing of slides in Keynote, and the use of unsupported features. Wherever possible (almost always), the app works around these issues.