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How to Categorize the Pics on Your iPad

As part of iOS 7, Apple cooked up a simple but ingenious interface for presenting pictures that is essentially a timeline of pictures, grouped by years, collections, and moments. iOS 8 follows the same path.

Pictures categorized by years are indeed all the pictures taken in a given year. Can’t be more straightforward than that.

The collections category is a subset within a year, such as your holiday pictures in Las Vegas. Within that grouping is another subset called moments — the pictures, say, that you took by the dancing fountains at the Bellagio Hotel.

The figure shows side-by-side-by-side views of these groupings, which appear as a grid of Lilliputian thumbnails in the case of years — you can barely make out any of the pictures.


Tap the years view (left), and slightly bigger thumbnails appear as part of the collections view (center). Tap again, and the thumbnails get just a little bit bigger in the moments view (right).

Through all these views, you’ll see location information headings that get a tad more specific as you move from years to collections to moments, assuming your iPad knows where the pictures were taken. (Location Services must be turned on under Privacy Settings for your iPad to know where these images were captured.)

If you tap a place location, Apple will fire up a map and show you how many pictures were taken in that location, as revealed here.


To quickly skim all the pictures in the years view, press and drag your finger across the grid — as you do so, the thumbnails swell in size, one by one. Lift your finger and that last thumbnail takes over a chunk of the screen, ready for you to admire it, edit it, or share it.

You can also tap a thumbnail in moments view to see controls for editing the picture (upper right), sharing it (bottom left), or discarding it (bottom right), as shown. Tap again and those picture controls disappear and the picture is bordered on the top and bottom by black bars.


Apple summarizes photos in the collections and years views by showing you only a representative sample for those collections and years. To see every photo in your library that fits those views, go to Settings→Photos & Camera and turn off Summarize Photos by tapping the switch to make it gray.