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Turn on Flip Ahead on Your Surface Tablet

By Andy Rathbone

Start screen apps on your Surface usually move their pages across the screen horizontally. That lets you swipe your finger in from right to left to move to the next page, much like you do when reading a book.

Websites, by contrast, expect you to move down the page, which is contrary to the Windows movements.

The solution? Microsoft’s Flip Ahead technology purports to fix things. When you turn on Flip Ahead, Microsoft reformats web pages in the background as they flow onto your screen. To scroll down the page, just flip your finger from right to left, like turning a book’s page. Your Surface quickly reformats the website, presenting the portion that dangled off the page as a new page, ready for reading.

Although this makes web browsing more like flipping magazine pages, the cost is a loss of privacy. Turning it on sends Microsoft a link to every web page you visit, which allows them to format the pages in advance. If you’re not concerned about privacy, though, it might enhance your web browsing experience.

It can also break the natural flow of some websites, leaving awkward page breaks. To try out Flip Ahead, visit the Internet Explorer app’s Settings area and tap Privacy instead of Options. There, you can toggle on Flip Ahead with Page Prediction.

Beware, however: Even when turned on, the Flip Ahead feature won’t work for every site.