Share Sites and Their Information on Your Surface - dummies

Share Sites and Their Information on Your Surface

By Andy Rathbone

Eventually, you stumble upon something on your Surface that is worth sharing with friends. It may be an entire web page, or it may be just a recipe’s ingredients and instructions from a cooking site.

In previous Windows versions, you’d probably have reached for the age-old copy-and-paste trick to shuttle the information to your friends.

Windows now updates that maneuver with the easier-to-use Share icon. Sharing items begins with a trip to the Charms bar: Fetch the Charms bar by sliding your finger in from the right edge and then tapping the Share icon.

When the Share pane appears, you see every app capable of sharing your screen’s current contents. For example, tap the Mail icon, and the Sharing pane shows the Mail app, letting you type an e-mail address and send the page on its way.

The Share pane usually shows these items:

  • Mail: Tap this option to e-mail your currently viewed link to a friend.

  • Music: In a surreal experiment, the Music app scans the website and creates an Xbox Music playlist based on the site’s words.

  • OneNote: On the Surface RT and Surface 2, this option sends the page to OneNote for later reading. (It does the same on the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 only if you’ve installed OneNote.)


  • People: Tap this option to share the page with your social networks.

  • Reading List: New to Windows 8.1, this option saves the page to your Reading List app, where you can refer to it later, even when away from the Internet.

Tap any app’s icon, and the app appears along the screen’s right edge, ready to lead you through the steps of sharing the page’s information in its own particular way. Tap People, for example, and the app leads you through the steps of sharing the link through a post on Facebook or Twitter.

Tap Reading List, and the Reading List app asks you to list a category for the site and then files it away for later reading.

You may see more apps listed here, depending on how often you’ve shopped at the Windows Store. However, not all apps can share, and some apps share information in limited ways. If a tap of the Sharing icon doesn’t let you share something, the app’s creator probably doesn’t want that information to be shared.