Microsoft Surface OneDrive Settings - dummies

Microsoft Surface OneDrive Settings

By Andy Rathbone

OneDrive, Microsoft’s cubbyhole in the clouds formerly called SkyDrive, plays a big role in your Surface. It’s built into Windows 8.1 and lives in every desktop folder, letting you shuttle files to and from the cloud.

Here’s where you control how much of your information automatically flows off your Surface and onto OneDrive.

  • File Storage: This lets you buy more room on OneDrive should you use up your allotted 7GB. (New Surface owners should sign up for their free 200GB.)

    A confusing toggle switch here called Save Documents to OneDrive by Default doesn’t automatically save your files to OneDrive. Turning on that switch merely tells programs to list OneDrive as a recommended location. You can still choose a different location to keep your files on your Surface.

  • Camera Roll: Normally, when you take pictures with your Surface, the Surface places a low-quality copy of every photo you take onto OneDrive. Visit here to stop that practice or to have a full-quality copy sent, instead. (You can even tell your Surface to upload a copy of videos shot, as well.)

  • Sync Settings: Microsoft kindly remembers the settings of Microsoft account owners. Log into another PC with your Microsoft account, and your settings, passwords, app purchases, favorite websites, and more will ride along, making that other PC behave much like your own. Drop by here to weed out the settings you don’t want to travel with you.

  • Metered Connections: Don’t bother with this unless you use your Surface with a cellular connection. This area lets you restrict when and why your ever-thirsty Surface can slurp data over those expensive cellular Internet connections