Microsoft Surface Accounts Options - dummies

Microsoft Surface Accounts Options

By Andy Rathbone

Chances are good that you’ll visit the Accounts category on your Surface for one reason: to take a new selfie and use your smiling mug as a new User Account photo in the upper-right corner of your Start screen.

But if you want to hang around, these three areas await:

  • Your Account: Drop by here to snap your photo for your account or to browse to one already on your Surface.

  • Sign-In Options: This section lets you change your password, switch to a picture password, or even a four-digit number password, as if you were at an ATM. One gem hides here: Normally, you need to reenter your password after the display has been off for 15 minutes. Here, you can change that to Never Require a Password, a boon for people who rarely leave their Surface unattended.

  • Other Accounts: x accounts for other people who may use your Surface or even everybody in your family. If you’re adding a child, choose Turn On Family Safety so you can both restrict and monitor little Timmy’s behavior. Also, this area lets you change an existing account to either Standard (untrustworthy) or Administrator level (trusted completely).

    Newly added users need to download waiting updates, both from Windows Update and the Windows Store.