Master Basic Window Mechanics on Your Surface - dummies

Master Basic Window Mechanics on Your Surface

By Andy Rathbone

The key to maneuvering windows on the desktop of your Surface with your finger is to simply think of your finger as a mouse pointer. Then follow these easy rules:

  • To move a window around on the screen, use your finger to drag the window’s title bar — that thick strip along its top edge. When you drag the window to its desired position, lift your finger, and the window stays in place.

  • To make a window consume exactly half the screen, drag it with your finger all the way to the screen’s right or left edge. As your finger reaches the edge, the window begins to resizes itself; lift your finger, and the window consumes exactly half of the screen. This helps you position two windows side by side, handy when copying files from a flash drive to your Surface.


  • To close a window, tap the X in its upper-right corner.


  • To minimize a window, tap the little line icon near the window’s upper-right corner.


  • To maximize a window, tap the middle of the three icons shown in the window’s upper-right corner.

  • To shift your focus from one window to another, tap anywhere on the window that needs your attention.