Manage Files with the SkyDrive App on Your Surface - dummies

Manage Files with the SkyDrive App on Your Surface

After you’ve stocked SkyDrive with files, you can access those files quickly and easily from your Surface with the SkyDrive app. If you can’t find the app, download it for free from the Windows Store.

When you want to upload or download files using the SkyDrive app, follow these steps:

  1. From the Start screen, tap the SkyDrive app.

    The SkyDrive app fills the screen, showing all of your folders and files uploaded to your SkyDrive account. Although they’re the same folders and files shown in the figure, the app shows them in a slightly different style.


    If it the SkyDrive app doesn’t show your files, make sure you’re connected to the Internet. You can’t connect to SkyDrive without it.

  2. Tap what you’d like to open.

    Tap a folder, and it opens to display the files and folders inside.

    Tap a file, and a program or app opens it. If a file doesn’t open, you don’t have a program or app on your Surface that’s capable of opening it.

  3. To upload new files, fetch the App menu bar and tap the Upload icon.

    To fetch any app’s App menu bar, slide your finger up from the screen’s bottom edge.

    The File Picker appears, ready for you to select the file or files you’d like to upload. (The SkyDrive app lets you upload only files, not folders.)

    You can select several files within a folder by sliding your finger downward on their tiles. To select them all, tap the words Select All along the top of the File Picker.

Fetching SkyDrive’s App menu bar in step 3 reveals more than just the Upload icon. The App menu bar also offers these options:

  • Refresh: Tap this to tell SkyDrive to refresh its list of files and folders, which is handy if you’re waiting for something uploaded from another computer.


  • New Folder: This creates a new folder in SkyDrive, an essential task when organizing files.


  • Upload: This lets you choose files to store on SkyDrive.


  • Details/Thumbnails: This switches SkyDrive from Thumbnail view to Details view, which lets you fit more information on the screen.


  • Select All: This selects everything on the screen—files and folders. After they’re selected, you can tap either of the two new icons that appear: Clear and Delete. (You probably won’t use this much.)