Launch Desktop Programs on the Surface - dummies

Launch Desktop Programs on the Surface

By Andy Rathbone

Although the Desktop app on your Surface may seem like a self-contained world, it isn’t. The Desktop app tosses you back onto the Start screen on several occasions, most noticeably when you want to load a program.

The Surface RT and Surface 2 can run only their bundled desktop programs. However, you can easily launch their bundled Office programs by tapping their icons on the taskbar along the desktop’s bottom edge.

Follow these steps to load a desktop program:

  1. Return to the Start screen.

    You can return to the Start screen by tapping the Start icon in the desktop’s bottom-left corner. Or, you can press your Surface’s Windows button, press a keyboard’s Windows key, or swipe in from your Surface’s right side and tap the Charms bar’s Windows icon.

  2. Tap your desired program’s icon from the Start screen.

    Here are some quick tips:

    • If your desired program doesn’t have a tile on the Start screen, swipe up from the middle of your Surface’s screen. The Start screen changes to show icons for all of your installed apps and programs.

    • Desktop programs appear along the All Apps screen’s farthest right edge.

When you tap the desktop program’s icon, Windows returns you to the Desktop app and begins running the program on the desktop.