How to Share or Print Photos with Your Surface - dummies

How to Share or Print Photos with Your Surface

By Andy Rathbone

Photos and videos aren’t much fun when they sit alone on your Surface. No, your cat photos are more fun when your friends can see your beloved feline, as well. The Photos app lets you share or print photos and videos by following these steps:

  1. Open the folder containing your photos or videos and then select the videos or photos you want to share or print.

    To select individual photos, videos, and folders, slide your finger downward on their tiles. As you select them with a short downward swipe, the tiles sprout check marks in their upper-right corners.


    Or, to select all the folders and photos currently displayed in the Photos app, tap the Select All icon from the App bar.

  2. Visit the Charms bar and choose Share or Devices.

    Swipe your finger inward from the screen’s right edge to fetch the Charms bar and then tap either Share (for sharing with friends) or Devices (for printing your images).


    • Share: The Share pane opens, listing every app able to share your photo or video. A tap of the Mail app, for example, opens the Mail pane, where you enter the recipient’s e-mail address and tap the Send button. If your social network doesn’t yet have an app, visit the site through Internet Explorer to share the photo.


    • Devices: When the Devices pane appears, tap Print to see your installed printers. Tap your printer’s name, and the Printer window appears, offering you a preview of the printed page.