How to Send an E-Mail Attachment on Your Surface - dummies

How to Send an E-Mail Attachment on Your Surface

By Andy Rathbone

Sending a file through the Mail app on your Surface works just the opposite of saving an attached file. Instead of finding a place to save an e-mailed file, you’re finding a file on your Surface and saving it inside an e-mail.

To send a file through the Mail app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Mail app and tap the New icon.

    Choose the recipient and write your message.

  2. Tap the Attachments icon.

    Tap the Attachments icon (shown in the margin), and the File Picker appears.

  3. Navigate to the file you’d like to send.

    Tap the word This PC to see a drop-down menu listing popular storage areas: OneDrive, This PC, Homegroup, Libraries, and Network. To send a file stored on your Surface, tap This PC or Libraries.

    Tap any storage area’s name to see a list of the files stored inside. Don’t see the files you want? Tap the File Picker’s Go Up link to retreat from that spot and try again with a different location.

    Keep tapping until you navigate to your file’s location, usually stored in your Documents, Pictures, Music, or Videos folder.

  4. Tap the name of each file you want to send and then tap the Attach button.

    A tap selects a file; tap a file again to deselect it. As you tap files, their color changes to show that they’re selected.

    A tap of the Attach button returns to the Mail app and attaches the file or files to your e-mail.

  5. In the Mail app, tap the Send button.

    The Mail app sends your mail and its attached file or files to the recipient. Depending on the size of your attached files, this may take from several seconds to several minutes. The Mail app does its work in the background, so feel free to switch to another app, browse the web, or grab another bagel at your free Wi-Fi spot.

Most e-mail providers won’t send large attachments. You can usually send documents without a problem, as well as a handful of photos. But you won’t be able to send anything bigger than small movie clips.