How to Receive a Skype Call on Your Surface - dummies

How to Receive a Skype Call on Your Surface

By Andy Rathbone

Receiving a Skype call on your Surface is easier than making one because you don’t need to do any of the work. When somebody contacts you through Skype, a tile appears in the top-right corner of your currently viewed screen.

Not using your Surface at the time? You’ll see a notification appear as soon as you sign in to your Surface. And, when you open Skype, you’ll also see a list of anybody who tried to contact you while you were away.

If somebody sends you a message through Skype, the tile displays the message. Tap it to respond; Skype automatically appears for you to begin communicating. If the tile disappears before you can tap it, open Skype; you see the message waiting in the screen’s left column. Tap the message to reciprocate, this time sending them a message.

If somebody sends you a voice or video call request, a tile also appears in your screen’s top-right corner. This time, though, the tile offers three choices: Tap the tile’s Video icon to start a video chat; tap the Voice icon to start a voice conversation; or, if it’s an inopportune time, tap the Decline icon.

If you Decline, the request will be waiting for you in the left column the next time you open the Skype app.