How to Read an E-Mail on Your Surface - dummies

How to Read an E-Mail on Your Surface

By Andy Rathbone

Every time your Surface finds itself connected with the Internet, it automatically grabs any new e-mails it can find. Proud of its background work, the Mail app’s Start screen tile updates itself, listing the sender, subject, and first line of your latest few e-mails.

To respond to a particularly enticing e-mail, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Start screen’s Mail tile.

    The Mail app appears, displaying the newest e-mail in your last-viewed account’s Inbox. Below that, older e-mails appear, listed chronologically.

  2. Open a message by tapping its name.

    The message’s contents fill the window’s right edge.

  3. Tap an option from the buttons along the e-mail’s top edge:

    • Do nothing: If the message doesn’t warrant a response, move on to something more interesting by tapping a different message from the Mail app’s middle column.


    • Respond: To reply to a message, tap the Respond button in the screen’s top-right corner. When the menu drops down, tap Reply. A new e-mail appears, pre-addressed with the recipient’s name and subject and containing the original message for you both to reference.

    • Reply All: When an e-mail arrives that’s been addressed to several people, tap the Respond button but choose Reply All from the drop-down menu. That sends your response to everybody who received the original e-mail.

    • Forward: Choose Forward from the Respond button’s drop-down menu to send a copy of your friend’s must-see cute cat photo to your own friends.


    • Delete: To delete a message, tap the Delete icon. The message, having no place left to hide, vanishes.

You can print a message the same way you print from any other app: Open the message, fetch the Charms bar, tap the Devices icon, tap your printer from the list of devices, and tap the Print button.

Even though the Mail app gathers your e-mail, you can still view your e-mail from your mail service’s website in Internet Explorer. Your same e-mails still appear in Gmail, for example, or Hotmail.

To avoid hogging space on your Surface, many e-mail accounts display only your latest few weeks’ worth of messages in the Mail app. After that deadline, the files scroll off your Surface’s Mail app.