How to Delete or Edit Contacts on Your Surface People App - dummies

How to Delete or Edit Contacts on Your Surface People App

By Andy Rathbone

As our social and professional relationships change, the People app on your Surface automatically takes care of the paperwork. When somebody unfriends you on Facebook, they simply drift off your People app without notice. Similarly, if you stop following somebody on Twitter, the People app trims them off your list.

But if you need to edit or delete a contact you’ve added manually, either on your Surface or on your Google or Microsoft accounts, it’s fairly easy to do by following these steps:

  1. Tap the People tile on the Start screen.

    The People app appears.

  2. Tap the contact that needs changing.

    Tap the first letter of their name, if necessary, to jump to your contacts beginning with that letter. When you tap the contact’s profile photo, her contact page appears full-screen.

  3. Slide your finger up slightly from the screen’s bottom edge to fetch the App bar.

    The App bar appears as an icon-filled strip along the screen’s bottom.

  4. To delete a contact, tap the Delete button. To update a contact’s information, tap the Edit button and make your changes. Then tap the Save button to save your changes.


    The Delete icon appears only for Contacts added to Live or Outlook accounts. Don’t see a Delete icon? Then you need to drop by the social network that added the person, and delete her from there. The People app will update shortly afterward, wiping that person off your list.


    Tap the Edit button. There, you can update or add information. Finished? Tap the Save button to save your changes.

You can send e-mail from within the People app by tapping a person’s name. When her contact information appears, tap the Send E-Mail button. The Mail app appears, bearing a pre-addressed New Message window, ready for you to type your message and tap Send. (This trick works only if you have that contact’s e-mail address.)

If the People app imported contacts from your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can’t delete any of their imported contact information. But you can add information to their contacts page, a handy trick for adding personal details that your friend hasn’t posted on Facebook. Details you add don’t go to Facebook, though. They remain on your Surface, as well as on the contact list that syncs with your Microsoft account.