How to Change the Metadata Settings on the Surface’s Music App - dummies

How to Change the Metadata Settings on the Surface’s Music App

By Andy Rathbone

Music players, including the Music app on your Surface, rarely look at your songs’ filenames. Instead, players read each file’s metadata — information stored inside the files that contains the name of the song, artist, album, recording date, genre, and other information.

When the Music app begins adding your music, the app visits the Internet to identify your song and examine its metadata. The app fills in empty spots, corrects misspellings, adds cover art, and performs other mostly hidden touches.

Most people enjoy the Music app’s background work. Others, particularly those who spend a lot of time manually editing their songs’ metadata, view it as meddling. In fact, sometimes the Music app makes mistakes.

If you don’t want the Music app to mess with your songs’ metadata, tell it to stop by following these steps before you import your music:

  1. Open the Music app, fetch the Charms bar, tap the Settings icon, and tap Preferences from the Settings pane.

  2. In the Preferences pane’s Media Info section, tap the toggle called Automatically Retrieve and Update Album Art and Metadata.

That keeps Microsoft from comparing your music to its vast database and changing your songs’ metadata to match its own.

The Music app doesn’t provide any way to edit metadata, but you can edit it from the Desktop app’s File Explorer: Right-click the file you want to edit, choose Properties from the pop-up menu, and click the Details tab.