How to Change a Mail Account’s Settings on Your Surface - dummies

How to Change a Mail Account’s Settings on Your Surface

By Andy Rathbone

Most e-mail accounts in the Mail app on your Surface let you customize how they handle your mail. For example, most accounts contain hundreds if not thousands of e-mails. That’s a lot of e-mail to sort through. To keep things simple and conserve storage space, the Mail app displays only a few weeks’ worth of both sent and received e-mail.

To change that time frame — or to change the settings of any mail account — open the Mail app and follow these steps:

  1. Fetch the Charms bar by sliding your finger in from the screen’s right edge and then tap the Settings icon.

  2. When the Settings pane appears, tap Accounts. When the Accounts pane lists your e-mail accounts, tap the account you’d like to change.

    The settings for your chosen account appear, ready for you to make your changes. (To bring more of the Settings pane into view, slide your finger up or down the screen.)

  3. Tap in the area you’d like to change and then change the setting by tapping the adjacent toggle switch, tapping an item from a menu, or typing in words.

    For example, to change the amount of downloaded mail, find the Download Email From drop-down menu. There, you can choose a time frame between three days and “any time,” which downloads all of your mail. Your settings changes take place immediately; you don’t need to tap a Save button.

To remove an account you no longer use, tap the Remove account button at the bottom of that account’s Settings pane.

To close the Accounts pane, tap anywhere within the Mail app.