How to Call a Friend with the Surface Skype App - dummies

How to Call a Friend with the Surface Skype App

By Andy Rathbone

The Skype app lets you talk with friends on your Surface for free, provided you’re communicating entirely through the Internet. That lets you communicate three ways: sending text messages, chatting by voice, or videochatting.

But no matter how you want to yak it up, talking to a friend through the Skype app starts when you follow these steps:

  1. Tap the name of the person you want to reach.

    Open the Skype app, and you see your list of contacts. Contacts with a green dot next to their names are online and accepting calls. Tap the person’s name, and his Conversation window appears.

  2. Choose how you’d like to contact the person.

    Skype offers three ways, each designated by a different icon.

    • Message: To send the person a message, just start typing it in the Message box along the screen’s bottom. If the recipient receives the message and responds, their response appears in the Conversation window. A simple “Are you there?” message often works best if you’re not sure a friend is available.

    • Video chat: Tap the Video Chat icon to switch to a video stream, where you can see each other as you speak.

    • Voice call: Tap the Call Now icon to begin talking, rather than typing, to each other.

  3. Wait for the person to respond.

    If the person responds, Skype either displays his responding message, plays his voice, or fills the screen with his smiling face. If the person doesn’t respond, nothing happens. But take heart that your message will remain in his Skype Recent column, so he can return your call with a tap of your name.

To end a call, first say goodbye, either by typing it out in a chat session or saying the words when talking or video conferencing. Then slide your finger down from the screen’s top edge and tap Skype’s Home button. Skype returns to its opening screen, ready for you to make a new call or to accept an incoming call or message.

Alternatively, you can close the app by sliding your finger all the way down the screen, from top to bottom.