How to Add Contacts to Your Surface People App - dummies

How to Add Contacts to Your Surface People App

By Andy Rathbone

You may need to add a contact to the People App on your Surface. When somebody doesn’t appear in your People app, you can add her in either of two ways:

  • Using any computer, add the missing person to the contacts list of one of your online accounts, like Gmail or Outlook. Befriending people on Facebook adds them to the People app, too, as does following them on Twitter. After a person appears in a social network or one of your linked online contact lists, the People app automatically pulls that person’s shared details into your Surface.

  • Manually type your contact’s information into the People app. This isn’t a one-way street, either; the People app adds your hand-typed information to the online account of your choice, too.

To type a new contact into the People app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Start screen’s People tile to load the People app.

  2. When the People app appears, make sure you’re on the home page: Slide your finger up from the screen’s bottom edge and tap the Home icon.

  3. Slide your finger up slightly from the screen’s bottom edge to fetch the App bar. Then tap the New icon.

    Like many apps, the People app includes an App bar along both the top and bottom edges; the New icon lives alone on the bottom menu. A tap of the New icon reveals a blank New Contact form, ready for you to type your contact’s details.


  4. Fill out the New Contact form.

    Type your contact’s details, including name, address, e-mail, and phone. To add other information, tap the Other Info button. There, you can add tidbits such as a job title, website, significant other, or notes that don’t fit anywhere else.

    If you’ve added more than one online account to your People app, you need to choose which account should receive the new contact’s details. To choose the account, tap on the Account field in the top left corner. There, you can choose between or, among others. To add the contact to your Gmail contacts, you must add the information manually online at Google’s Mail website.

  5. Tap the Save button.

The People app saves your new contact, both on your Surface and on the online account you chose in Step 3.