Connect Your Surface to Built-In Memory Cards - dummies

Connect Your Surface to Built-In Memory Cards

Your Microsoft Surface tablet includes a special slot for sliding in a tiny memory card. Many cell phones accept the same type of memory card: microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC.

To insert a card on a Surface with Windows RT, open your Surface’s kickstand to expose the slot, and then push the card (letters side out) into the slot until you hear it lock into place. (It will slide out just a bit when locked into place.)


Your Surface makes a joyous beeping sound as it recognizes the card. (On a Surface with Windows 8 Pro, push the card into the slot on the Surface’s left side.)

To remove a card from either Surface model, push it back into the slot until it unlocks, and then pull it out.

  • The microSDHC cards can hold up to 32 GB, whereas the newer microSDXC cards currently come in capacities of 64 GB, with higher-capacity microSDXC cards arriving soon.

  • You can’t store apps on the memory card, but you can store the biggest space hogs: videos, music, and photos.

  • For easy file transfers, buy a memory card reader that accepts micro SDXC cards. Insert your memory card into the reader and copy files onto it with your PC. Then remove the card and insert it into your Surface to enjoy the card’s files.