Adding a Contact from a Text on Your HTC One (M8) - dummies

Adding a Contact from a Text on Your HTC One (M8)

By Bill Hughes

Your HTC One (M8) stores all your contact information in one place. You can add a new contact when someone calls, texts, or emails you. Your smartphone also can add information to an existing contact.

To add a contact from a person who just sent you a text for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Open the text screen (shown in the following figure).

    Your phone only shows the digits from the phone that sent you the text.


  2. Tap the telephone number on this text.

    The Add People screen opens, as shown in the following figure.


  3. Tap anywhere on the screen.

    A Message Options screen opens.

  4. Tap Save to People.

    Another screen opens, as shown.


  5. Tap Create New Contact.

    The New Contact screen opens, with the person’s mobile number already there.


  6. Add any information you have about this person.

  7. Tap Save in the bottom right.