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10 Things the HTC One (M8) Has That the M7 Doesn’t

By Bill Hughes

The HTC One (M8) smartphone has a superior touchscreen, memory, and camera. Upgrading to M8 gives you a better smartphone camera, a bigger touchscreen, a slot for a MicroSD card (for more memory), and really great speakers.

  • Better Selfies: The front-facing camera has 5 megapixels compared to M7’s 2.1 MP.

  • Better LCD: The M8’s is called a Super LCD 3. The M7 is a mere LCD 2. While the M7 looks pretty good, the M8 is better for looking at your pictures.

  • More Screen: The M8 has a 5-inch screen, which is 14 percent more of Super LCD 3 goodness.

  • 3D Camera Effects: The M8 has two cameras on the back. This gives you the option of having a 3D effect. Take that M7!

  • Raw Processing Power: You can look at specifications and see that the M8 is a processing monster. The results show over a 35 percent increase from an already impressive M7.

  • A MicroSD Slot: The M7 doesn’t come with a MicroSD slot. The M8 can handle up to a 128 GB. What else is there to say? More is better, and we’re talking a lot more.

  • Built-in External Storage: External storage isn’t built in. However, the app that lets you access the external storage is all there. The M8 comes with 50 GB on Google Drive in the cloud in case your MicroSD slot is not enough.

  • Battery Size and Control: The M8’s battery has 13 percent more capacity than the M7. Its enhanced power mode reduces ongoing power consumption to a trickle.

  • Action Based on Motion Sensors: The M8 uses its sensor to wake up. You can answer the smartphone simply by putting it to your ear. The M7 has the sensors, but can’t use them to make your life easier.

  • Better Speakers: The M7 has average speakers. The M8 has such good speakers that you don’t need to buy external Bluetooth speakers.