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Windows Phone 7 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Windows Phone 7 For Dummies

By Bill Hughes

The Windows Phone 7 smartphone is a powerful device, but only if you know how to use it. The first step is knowing how to use the touchscreen on your Windows Phone. Then you’ll want to set up your e-mail accounts so that you can send and receive messages wherever you are. Finally, you’ll want to rock out to your Zune HD radio. You didn’t think the Windows Phone was all about business, did you?

Windows Phone 7 Finger Gestures

Many of the functions of the Windows Phone 7 are right on the screen, so you need to get the hang of several finger motions:

  • Tap: This action is the most common one. You use it for typing, making selections, and launching applications. To tap, you just touch the screen quickly. It functions like the single click of a mouse on a PC.

  • Pan: To pan, you place your finger on a point on the screen and drag the image on the screen until you lift your finger. The pan motion allows you to move slowly around the virtual screen behind the physical screen.

  • Flick: Flicking moves you quickly around the virtual screen. To flick, you quickly brush your finger across the screen in the direction that you want the image to move.

  • Pinch/stretch: These motions are closely related and control the degree of zoom. To zoom out, you put two fingers on the screen and pinch the image. To zoom in, you put two fingers on the screen and stretch the image.

Setting Up E-Mail on Windows Phone 7

To set up e-mail on your Windows Phone, begin at the Start page. (You get there by pressing the button with the Windows icon on it.) Then follow these steps:

  1. Pan one screen to the right to get to the list of applications.

  2. Flick down to Mail Setup.

    Depending upon your phone, there may also be a Live tile with an envelope icon on it.

  3. Tap the icon to get the option to Add an Account.

    There is a list of e-mail services that your Windows phone supports.

  4. If your e-mail service is on that list, tap the appropriate icon and enter your e-mail address and password.

The synchronization process takes a little while, but within about a minute, your e-mail account’s inbox will be present on your phone.

Playing the Zune HD Radio on Windows Phone 7

The FM radio in the Windows Phone is nice, but your phone may be set up to support HD radio — and that’s even better!

To get to the FM and HD radios, from the Zune Start screen, tap Radio. A radio tuner screen appears. If it happens not to be on an active radio station, it will automatically find one. If that particular FM station happens to have an HD offering, it will automatically go to HD1.

The music or talk station will play until you tap the arrow button or press the home button. Tapping the arrow button will return you to the Zune Start screen.

Just because this is the first radio station that you found doesn’t mean that you want to listen to it. Changing the radio station involves the following steps:

  1. Tap the station number.

    This brings up double arrowheads, which are tuning icons.

  2. To get a station with a high number, tap the arrows pointing to the right. To get a station with a lower number, tap the arrows pointing to the left.

    It doesn’t matter if the station is in FM or HD mode.

To get to the other HD stations, tap the HD number you want. For example, if you’re listening to HD1 and you want HD2, just tap on HD2.

It may take a second or two for the new HD station to get enough data to produce music. HD1 will play regular FM until it has enough data. HD2 and HD3 don’t have that convenience.