Using BlackBerry PlayBook Messenger - dummies

Using BlackBerry PlayBook Messenger

By Corey Sandler

Part of BlackBerry PlayBook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Send instant messages with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). The PlayBook offers BBM as part of the BlackBerry Bridge. Wirelessly connect your tablet to a BlackBerry smartphone to send and receive instant messages from the PlayBook.

  1. Add a contact to your BlackBerry device.

  2. Get that person’s permission to communicate.

    You must know one of the following to use BBM:

    • The person’s PIN

    • The e-mail address associated with the person’s device

  3. Send either a Request by PIN or Request by E-mail message.

    The following table helps you in BBM.

    To Do This . . . Do This
    Send a message using BlackBerry Messenger Click a name in the contacts list; then select and click Start
    Conversation. Type a message and press Enter.
    During a BBM session, choose Send a File or Send a Voice
    Record a message and send it as a note, and then wait for the
    other party to do the same. Internationally it’s
    Exit a conversation (to conduct more than one BBM session, with
    different contacts, at the same time)
    Press the Escape key.
    End a conversation Select and click End Conversation.