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Unboxing Your HP TouchPad

The TouchPad comes in two distinct models:

  • TouchPad Wi-Fi, which is available with either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage and uses Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

  • TouchPad 4G, which has all the features of the Wi-Fi model plus a faster processor and can access AT&T’s HSPA+ 3G cell data network on a prepaid or subscription basis. The 4G is available only with 32GB of internal storage.

Most people get excited about new toys so you probably tore right through your TouchPad’s packaging to get to your glossy new TouchPad, but if you somehow managed to restrain yourself or need a recap of what was inside the box, here’s a summary of its contents:

  • HP TouchPad: You’d have a major problem if it wasn’t in the box, as it’s the star of the show.

  • USB cable: This cable is a dual-purpose cable. You can use it to charge your TouchPad’s nonremovable lithium-ion battery by plugging the smaller end into your tablet and the larger end into one of your computer’s USB ports or into the included AC charger, which then plugs into a wall outlet. When you connect your computer and tablet, you can also use this handy cable to transfer data between the two devices.

  • AC charger: This attachment plugs into the USB cable (see the preceding item), enabling you to charge your TouchPad by using an available power outlet.

  • Screen cleaning cloth: Your fingers will be all over your TouchPad, leaving lots of fingerprints on its screen and glossy black surfaces. Keep this cloth handy to give your expensive toy a safe and proper wipedown between uses. See Chapter 15 for more on caring for your TouchPad.

  • Miscellaneous papers: The various bits of papers include the HP TouchPad Getting Started manual, HP TouchPad Navigation Guide, Limited Warranty, and Important Safety and Legal Information. It’s prudent to hold onto these materials as long as you own your TouchPad.