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Troubleshoot WiFi Problems on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

Two types of problems tend to disturb the peaceful pursuit of WiFi communication with your BlackBerry Playbook: problems with establishing an initial connection, and problems maintaining a link when conditions change.

If you’re old enough to remember hand-held radios, or if you use a radio in your car as you travel, this analogy might make sense: establishing the initial connection is a bit like finding the right station, and maintaining the link is like fine-tuning.

Try these approaches:

  • Ask the essential question: Is the BlackBerry PlayBook’s WiFi radio turned on? It won’t work if it’s switched off.

  • See if you have a strong signal. You can judge this visually by looking at the green WiFi icon in the status bar of the home page. If all four arcs are lit, you have a strong signal; fewer than four means a weaker link. Move the BlackBerry PlayBook closer to the WiFi router or just elsewhere on your desk to see if the reception improves.

  • Tap the WiFi icon to see the name of the network to which your tablet is connected. If there’s no connection, open the WiFi panel and choose from Available Networks, Open Networks, or Saved Networks.


If you’re trying to connect to a new secured network, you’ll need a username and password. Open systems may allow you to sign on directly from the browser once you have selected them; you may need to type login information on the page.

You also can try these advanced WiFi troubleshooting tips:

  • On some secured networks, the date and time on your tablet must be synchronized with the network’s. This may be a component of identity verification, or the use of a security certificate that has an expiration date.

  • Some WiFi networks may be hidden; if you know the network name, try connecting to it manually.

  • If you’re trying to connect to a WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) device, you or the system administrator will have to press a button on the router to send its profile to your tablet; verify that there isn’t another device attempting to connect at the same time.

  • Talk with your IT department or a network administrator if you’re trying to connect to a secured WiFi system that requires a root certificate or an authentication certificate on your tablet.

If you run into problems when connecting PlayBook to WiFi for the first time, some detailed pieces of information can help BlackBerry technical support diagnose your issue. Additionally, typical networking tools to troubleshoot most forms of network connectivity issues are also available.