Troubleshoot the BlackBerry Bridge - dummies

Troubleshoot the BlackBerry Bridge

By Corey Sandler

The BlackBerry Bridge allows PlayBook users to gain wireless access to material stored on their BlackBerry smartphone. It also allows Internet use via a BlackBerry smartphone data stream. In general, after you have the BlackBerry Bridge up and running, the system will work without problem.

If the Bridge isn’t working, the first things to check are these:

  • Is the Bluetooth radio on the BlackBerry PlayBook turned on?

  • Is the Bluetooth radio on your BlackBerry smartphone on? See if your BlackBerry smartphone shows a message requesting your approval to initiate a Bluetooth communication session. Highlight Yes and click to tell it to begin the conversation.

  • Have you made any changes to configuration for either device? Both ends of a Bluetooth connection need to be discoverable before they can communicate.

  • Are the two devices within about 40 feet of each other, without any major metal objects (your fridge counts) between them that might block the signal?

  • Is your smartphone already connected to another tablet? Only one connection at a time, please; open the BlackBerry Bridge app on the smartphone and disconnect the other tablet before trying again to connect to the one you want to use.