Tip Calculator App on the BlackBerry PlayBook - dummies

Tip Calculator App on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

Although you could do the same math using the standard calculator, the tip app for your BlackBerry PlayBook adds a few extra wrinkles. To figure a tip, do the following:

  1. Enter the bill amount.

    Many people consider the bill amount before taxes, although that’s a relatively small downward adjustment of the gratuity.

  2. Enter the number of people who are splitting the bill.

    If you’re treating, leave this value at 1; otherwise, the calculator will help you divide the total amount, including tip.

  3. Enter the percentage of tip.

    In most places the standard gratuity is 15 percent; you can adjust the amount up or down by entering a whole number here. (You aren’t allowed to enter a decimal value, like 17.5 percent.)

  4. Choose whether to round up the amount:

    • Tap the field to have the calculator round the amount up to the next whole dollar.

    • Set it to None to get a precise amount.

  5. Tap the left-arrow key.

    At the bottom, you will see the total amount the calculator recommends. Above that you can see the individual values for the amount per person and the total amount of the tip.