The Exterior of Your HP TouchPad - dummies

The Exterior of Your HP TouchPad

Your TouchPad’s black casing makes it look like one seamless unit, but on closer inspection, its anatomical features become readily apparent. Here is a brief rundown of these parts and their functions, which are labeled in the following figure.

The front view of your tablet.
The front view of your tablet.

All references in the following list assume that you’re holding the TouchPad in portrait orientation with the front-facing camera on top, as shown in the preceding figure.

  • Power: This small silver button on the top-right edge of your TouchPad turns it on and off, and also puts it to sleep and wakes it up.

  • Microphone: This pin-size hole at the top middle of your TouchPad records or transmits your voice when you use applications such as Skype to chat with others.

  • 3.5mm headset jack: Plug your earphones or headset into this hole when you want to listen to various media on your TouchPad without disturbing people around you.

  • Stereo speakers: These speakers, which appear as two fairly large, equally spaced slits on the left edge of your TouchPad, transmit sound when you’re not using headphones.

  • Charger/microUSB connector: This small hole, located on the bottom-center edge of your TouchPad, is where you plug the small end of the included USB cable.

  • Volume: This long silver bar on the top-right edge of your TouchPad controls the loudness of the sound emitted from your device. Pressing up makes the sound louder, whereas pressing down makes the sound quieter.

  • SIM card slot: Functional only in the TouchPad 4G, this slot contains an AT&T SIM card. The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card identifies the TouchPad and performs other technical functions that you don’t need to concern yourself with, so there’s no need to ask.

  • Front-facing camera: Like the eye of a Cyclops, your TouchPad’s front-facing camera is at top center on the front of your device. You can use it for videoconferencing and maybe taking a self-portrait or two.

  • Center: Press this button, located just below your touchscreen, to display Card view.