Synchronize Music on Your PlayBook with Your Computer

By Corey Sandler

Current versions of BlackBerry Desktop Software, available for free from BlackBerry (or from your cellphone provider if you use a BlackBerry smartphone), allow you to synchronize the media (music, videos, and photos) between your computer and your BlackBerry PlayBook. That means if you buy something new, you can load it onto your tablet as well.

BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0.2 supports the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as most current models of BlackBerry smartphones.

Here’s how to synchronize music from your computer to the PlayBook:

  1. Connect the BlackBerry PlayBook to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

    The desktop or laptop computer will recognize the PlayBook and automatically launch the BlackBerry Desktop Software. If this doesn’t happen, locate the software on your computer and manually launch it by going to Settings and clicking the box instructing the software to automatically start when it detects the attachment of a BlackBerry device.

  2. In the BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Music.

  3. Select one of the following options:

    • Synchronize your entire music library. Select the All Music check box. (The system will consider any file stored in one of the acceptable file formats as music; some systems store sound effects and notification tones as WAV files, for example, and these would be transferred to your PlayBook as if they were music as well.)

    • Synchronize specific playlists. Select the check box next to one or more playlists already established on the computer.

    • Synchronize specific artists or genres. Select the check box next to one or more artists or genres already established on the computer.

    • Synchronize a random selection of music not already assigned to a playlist. Select the check box next to Random Music.

  4. Click Sync.