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Shop at BlackBerry App World from Your PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

BlackBerry App World is currently the only way to add new apps to your BlackBerry PlayBook. However, it seems likely that other sellers will find ways to get their products onto your tablet, just as they already do for BlackBerry smartphones. And in some cases, providers such as airlines or banks may be able to offer direct downloads to a PlayBook.

Here’s what you need to shop for and download PlayBook apps from BlackBerry App World:

  • A BlackBerry PlayBook. You anticipated that one, right?

  • A BlackBerry ID. You’ll register for one as you set up and configure your tablet. You need it to receive OS updates, technical support, and repair or replacement of a tablet under warranty. The App Store uses your BlackBerry ID to keep records of your downloads, making it easy to restore them if necessary.

  • A credit card or checking account. The store will happily bill you through a personal or business credit card, or you can use the facilities of PayPal, which also allows payment by direct withdrawal from a bank account.

As anyone who has ever visited a shopping mall (a real one, with a parking lot and a food court and teenagers engaging in mating rituals) knows there are two types of shoppers: targeted buyers and browsers. A targeted buyer comes into a store already knowing what he or she wants to buy. A browser is someone who is willing to buy, but doesn’t yet know what.

No parking lots, food malls, or real teenagers lurk at BlackBerry App World. It’s a virtual storefront, the sort of business that has become extremely successful for companies like Amazon, iTunes, and other online enterprises.

At App World, though, you can shop or you can browse. Buttons on the front page of the shop take you to the newest, top free, top purchased, or recently updated apps.

Targeted shopping BlackBerry App World

You know what you’re after. Go here:

  1. Tap Categories at the top of the screen.

    You can jump directly to business, finance, news, photo & video, travel, sports, or other collections.

  2. Tap one of the categories to open subgroups.

  3. Tap a subgroup to see apps you can download to your tablet


Another way to look for something specific is to tap the search window in the upper right and enter a keyword. For example, if you enter flight, you will be given 11 choices related to that subject.


Browsing BlackBerry App World

If you’re the sort who responds to a salesperson’s offer to help, “Just looking,” then you’re a browser. In BlackBerry App World, the opening screen is called Featured, and it offers new or top-selling apps of all sort. You can scroll through them by flicking the list left or right.