Setting Up Your BlackBerry for GPS - dummies

Setting Up Your BlackBerry for GPS

For GPS to work on your BlackBerry, it needs navigation maps, which are usually downloaded in little pieces as required. And because these maps are downloaded, you must be subscribed to a data plan and have a radio signal.

If you didn’t subscribe to an unlimited data plan from your network carrier, be aware that the more you use your GPS as you move about, the more data (map pieces) you’ll download, which means the more charges you’ll incur.

You also need a GPS, which can be built in or external. The BlackBerry 8800 model has an internal GPS. The BlackBerry Curve (8830) and the BlackBerry Pearl (8100) support an external GPS connected through Bluetooth.

For your BlackBerry GPS to work, you need

  • A BlackBerry with a built-in GPS or a BlackBerry with an external GPS and a Bluetooth connection
  • A data plan from your network carrier (an unlimited data plan is recommended)
  • To be in an area where you have a radio signal (so you can download the maps)

This article won’t cover the exact steps on how to pair up a Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry to an external GPS, because external GPS units differ. But the general steps are as follows:

1. Make sure your external GPS is ready for pairing.

Please refer to your external GPS for more information on how to prepare it for “discovery.”

2. From the Home screen, press the menu key and then select the options (wrench) icon.

3. Select Bluetooth.

4. Press the menu key and then select Enable Bluetooth.

You see a screen of paired Bluetooth devices — or, if you’ve never paired with a device, you see a blank screen. Pairing with a Bluetooth device simply means to connect with another Bluetooth device, such as a hands-free headset.

5. Press the menu key and then select Add Device.

Your BlackBerry starts scanning for a nearby device. Make sure your external GPS is next to you.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions on your BlackBerry to finish pairing with your external GPS.

This step usually involves entering a 4-digit password to pair up with the GPS. Refer to your GPS manual for further information.