Setting Up E-Mail on Windows Phone 7 - dummies

Setting Up E-Mail on Windows Phone 7

By Bill Hughes

Part of Windows Phone 7 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To set up e-mail on your Windows Phone, begin at the Start page. (You get there by pressing the button with the Windows icon on it.) Then follow these steps:

  1. Pan one screen to the right to get to the list of applications.

  2. Flick down to Mail Setup.

    Depending upon your phone, there may also be a Live tile with an envelope icon on it.

  3. Tap the icon to get the option to Add an Account.

    There is a list of e-mail services that your Windows phone supports.

  4. If your e-mail service is on that list, tap the appropriate icon and enter your e-mail address and password.

The synchronization process takes a little while, but within about a minute, your e-mail account’s inbox will be present on your phone.