Setting Reminders on Your Pocket PC - dummies

Setting Reminders on Your Pocket PC

By Brian Underdahl

Adding things to your busy schedule is only half the battle. You also have to remember to send that anniversary card, make that important phone call, or meet that potential backer for lunch. And, to make matters worse, you have to do those things on time!

One way to make certain you don’t forget the important details is to have your Pocket PC give you a reminder of an upcoming event. By default, your Pocket PC does this, but only 15 minutes ahead of the actual appointment.

When setting up reminders, you can select the following three options:

  • In the Reminder box, choose Remind me or None. If you choose to be reminded of an event, your Pocket PC sounds an audible alarm and pops up a message box at the specified time. If your Pocket PC is off when the reminder is due, it automatically wakes up and gives you the reminder anyway.
  • Use the Number box in the next row down to set the number of minutes (or other time increment) in advance of the event to set off the reminder.
  • Use the Interval box to specify whether the reminder should come minutes, hours, days, or weeks in advance. One really neat feature of your Pocket PC’s reminder feature is that you don’t even have to remember to turn your Pocket PC on to get the reminder. When the reminder time comes along, your Pocket PC wakes up and chirps at you. After you get over your annoyance at this rude interruption and take a look at the Pocket PC’s screen, you see a reminder similar to the one in Figure 1.

Figure 1: You may be running late, but your Pocket PC makes certain you know where you’re supposed to be.

When you’re creating an appointment or other item on your schedule, be sure that you set the reminder far enough in advance to be useful. The default 15-minute reminder probably won’t help a lot for most items on your calendar. For those annual events, especially ones where you may need to send a gift or a card, give yourself at least a week of advance notice. When the reminder does go off, you can always reset it for a later time.