Recording a New Task on Your BlackBerry - dummies

Recording a New Task on Your BlackBerry

Recording a task on your BlackBerry is the first step to take when building a to-do list. Don’t groan and roll your eyes, dreading how long this will take. Recording a task on a BlackBerry is easy, so just relax and you’ll be finished in a snap.

Follow these simple steps to record a new task:

1. Select Tasks.

The Tasks application opens. Similar to Address Book and MemoPad, the screen that appears is divided into two parts: The top shows the Find field, followed by the list of tasks or *No Tasks*.

2. Press the menu key and then select New (as shown on the left in Figure 1).

The New screen appears, as shown on the right side of the figure, ready and willing to document your new task. This simple screen features easy-to-understand fields that describe the task you’re about to enter.

Figure 1 Select New, and an empty Task screen appears.

3. Use the trackball to move to each field and enter information for your task.

Some fields are for text that you enter yourself, and some fields hold items you select from a menu specific for that field. In other words, for text fields, you have to type the stuff you want; but for nontext fields, you select the field, press the trackball again, and then select your choice from the selection that appears. (Pretty convenient, huh?)

To update a field from a list of choices, select that field and then press the trackball.

4. After filling in the relevant fields, press the menu key and then select Save.

Doing so saves your task, and you should see the task added to the Tasks list.