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Reading Menu Options on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

You can read digital books from your BlackBerry PlayBook. When you swipe down from the top bezel of the screen (or tap in the center of the screen) in the Kobo Books Reader app, the following reading menu options are presented:

  • Library. Tapping the icon all the way to the left in the status bar at the top (a small shelf of books) will close the current book and take you to your library; the book is marked with a green ribbon and will be the first one on the shelf.

  • Contents. Tap here to display the table of contents for the book you’re reading. You’ll see a checkmark alongside the chapter you were most recently reading. To jump to another chapter, merely tap the chapter name. (Not every book will include a clickable table of contents.)

  • Overview. In case you forget why you started reading a particular book, or for some reason need to reacquaint yourself with some of the details, you can tap here to view a synopsis.

  • Dogears. Tap here to see the dogears you have electronically and non-destructively placed in the digital book. Tap any of them to jump to that location.

  • Adjust appearance. When a page of the book is open, you can tap the gear icon to see controls that let you adjust the font (size and style). Regarding serif versus sans serif fonts: there is no right or wrong choice here — choose what you prefer.

    • The Font Size slider (touch the bar and move it left or right) adjusts between very, very small and very, very large type. Pick the one that feels just right.

    • The Display button turns on (or off) night mode, which turns down the brightness of the screen when the BlackBerry PlayBook detects low ambient lighting. You can also manually turn up or down the brightness level of the screen.

    • The Reading button lets you decide whether you want to see one or two pages at a time (Single Page or Double Page, respectively), although in most books only Single Page is available if you choose to rotate the PlayBook and read it in portrait mode.

      Some books let you choose a page transition, including a gentle fade from page to page or a more abrupt slide; again, certain effects aren’t available in both single and double page designs.

  • Return. Click the open book icon to go back to the page you were reading before you got distracted by other options.


Turning the BlackBerry PlayBook sideways while you’re in the Kobo Books Reader app (and most other apps) will automatically change the presentation of the screen from landscape to portrait, or the other way around. In fact, you might want to give your eyes and your brain a bit of a break and switch from one view to another every chapter or so.