Read a Book on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

The actual process of reading a book on your BlackBerry PlayBook is about as simple as, well, reading a printed book. The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with the Kobo Books Reader app.

  1. Open the Kobo Books Reader app.

  2. Tap Library and find the title with which you want to meld your mind.

  3. Tap the cover.

    If you have already begun reading the book, the tablet will open up to the page you last perused.

    Once you’re in the book, there are simple instructions.

  4. Choose what you want to do.


    • Advance a single page forward

      Either swipe from right to left, as if you were flicking a page deeper into the book, or tap anywhere on the right third of the screen.

    • Return one page backward

      Swipe from left to right, as if you were flicking a page toward the front of the book, or tap anywhere on the left third of the screen.

    • Place a dogear on the page

      To insert the electronic equivalent of a folded corner on any page, tap in the upper right of the text. A small green fold will show up on the page; to remove the dogear, flick it back up to the right corner.

    • Open the reading menu

      Swipe down from the top bezel of the screen (or tap in the center of the screen).