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Purging Palm To-Dos That You’ve Done

The reason for keeping a to-do list is to help you get things done. After you’ve done the things on your list, you have no reason to leave them hanging around. The Purge function automatically deletes items that you’ve marked as completed. You could delete all your completed items one by one, but the Purge function deletes them en masse.

To purge completed to-do items, follow these steps:

1. With the To Do List open, tap the Menu soft button at the bottom of the display area.

The menu bar appears at the top of the display area.

2. Choose Record –> Purge.

The Purge dialog box appears. Make sure that the Save Archive Copy on PC check box is selected. Otherwise you won’t have a record of all the things you’ve done.

3. Tap OK.

The Purge dialog box closes, and the items you marked as completed disappear.

If you need to dig up a list of the things you’ve done to show your boss at review time or as dramatic courtroom testimony (“Just where were you on the night of . . . ?”), you can go back to the archives of your to-do items, as long as you selected the archive check box in the Purge dialog box.

Also, if you synchronize your Palm device with a desktop program like Microsoft Outlook, you’ll be better off using the Archive feature in Outlook rather than purging items from the Palm screen. That way, all your archived items are still available for viewing through Outlook.